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A rainy day in Spain sounds like a great way to start a true story.

Ducking the summer rain at the top of Montjuic in Barcelona, watching the clouds blow by the stone turrets of the castle, Rick and I decided to turn our passion for travel, food, art and architecture into a new adventure.  We decided to begin our lives together in Seattle by creating a collective space for his architecture firm, Richard Hiner Architects, and my new travel wear store.  We aptly named it Atlas, after our dog who is famous on Ballard Avenue for lying with his feet perched in the air!

Atlas Travel Wear strives to dress women for adventure.  Where ever your travels take you, we will give you personalized attention to help you find the perfect outfits that move with you.  Find the perfect bag for your laptop, the perfect dress for your cruise, the perfect pants for the plane, and the perfect wrap for the art opening.  Easy dressing is key and easy shopping is our mission. 

Come where you can dress for your next trip with a friend, play with a new scarf, and enjoy a day in Ballard, while ducking the summer rain.

- Jeannine Kempees

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Atlas is one of three stores owned by Jeannine Kempees. See the other stores, About Time Clothing and Shoes and Belleza Ropa, using the button to the right.