Team atlas

With customer service as our first priority, our goal is to get to know you so we can help.


Jeannine Kempees, Owner/Buyer

Tell us about your favorite trip: I loved the trip Rick and I took to Colombia in 2016, though we always have a blast where ever we go.  Cartegena was beautiful and felt really fresh, like it is on the brink of becoming.  There was art every where, including street art by JR, a famous muralist from Paris.  We spent 3 nights on a small island, snorkeling and eating fresh fish.   

What is on your bucket list for travel? We are making plans for a trip to Asia in the near future.  I also would love to experience a safari.

What do you love about Atlas?I knew we were moving to Seattle but I was thrilled when Rick and I decided to share his space and start Atlas.  I love being a part of the community here. 

Tell us about your job experience. I am a third generation seamstress and began making and selling clothing in 1987.  I made a living doing craft shows in the NW with my hats and jackets.  When I moved to Port Townsend from Vashon Island, I purchased About Time Clothing and Shoes.  A few years later I started Belleza Ropa in Olympia.  I don't do much sewing any more!

Do you have a story about making a customer happy? One of my new friends in Seattle came into the shop after complaining about her wardrobe.  She isn't much of a shopper but working with me she was able to put together about a dozen outfits that she was thrilled with.

What do you love about Ballard?I love the feeling in Ballard...the old buildings and all the brick, the restaurants and amazing shops, all independently owned.

Tell us about Atlas the dog and his roll at the shop. Atlas is an icon.  He has been in that shop space for 14 years, every work day, at Rick's side.  We named the shop after him because Atlas holds up the world, and our dog likes to sleep with his feet in the air, as if he is holding up the world, too.  


Atlas, Greeter

Favorite travel destination: Any floor, or anywhere he can stretch his legs!

Favorite Atlas brand: The dog treats in the office

Fun fact: Atlas was rescued from the mean streets of Berkeley, CA and delivered to Seattle by Rick’s daughter Katie. She was sure her dad needed a dog, and she was right!

Atlas is part Doberman, part Chow, and part who knows what!

Atlas Team Sales Staff

- Wendy Fairbanks

- Diane Pyror

- Alia Peterson

- Deb Dworman